An Authentic Tribute to the Legendary


Bennie Wheels & "WALKIN' THE LINE" , The Ultimate Tribute to Johnny Cash and The Tennessee Three, is the Nation's #1 and most authentic representation of The Man In Black in his "Folsom Prison" era prime!  Seeing is believing, and when you go "Walkin' The Line" with Bennie Wheels, there's no doubt that Johnny Cash's spirit lives on!

The "WALKIN' THE LINE"  show is perfect for performing arts centers, corporate events, resorts, fairs/festivals, casinos...or even your next private party.  Bennie Wheels is also available for solo "track shows", "Legends" productions, and can be backed by other groups or house bands.  Based in Dallas, TX.

 "You guys do great...I'm very proud of what you do." 

W.S. "Fluke" Holland (Johnny Cash's Drummer)

"Bennie is no doubt the best tribute to John I've ever seen."

Bob Wootton (Johnny Cash's Lead Guitar Player)

"It was like having Johnny in the room with us.  You could almost hear a pin drop into the sands of time.  The audience was captured!"

Dave Chaos (Station Manager, KNON Dallas, TX)

"His vocal treatments, his bass-barritone voice (even his speaking voice) was dead bang on CASH!"

James L. Seay (Theatre Critic, Pamphlet Press)

“Wheels bore a great likeness to Cash in his early years, but the voice instantly riveted one to the Cash of great experience and maturity.  His vocal registry, even when speaking, was a spot on performance, and he carried Cash’s personality and charm throughout the show, including the shotgun-style guitar playing.”
Deb Kunkle (Oelwein Daily Register)