Jan 19-20                  Bastrop Opera House     (Bastrop, TX)                                                      Info

Jan 26                        Private Party     (College Station, TX) 

Mar 18                       "3 KINGS" (Elvis, Johnny, Neil)  @  Plaza Theatre     (Garland, TX)

June 15-16                 Private     (Austin, TX)

July 6                         HOLD   (TBA)                         

July 7                         HOLD   (TBA)

July 21                       Wildflower Music Festival     (White Mills, PA)

Sep 7                         HOLD   (TBA) 



Apr 6                         Mesquite Arts Center     (Mesquite, TX)                                                    Info

May 6                        "KING & CASH SHOW"     (Humble, TX)

May 20                      Private Corporate Event     (Dallas, TX)                                                    

Jun 5                         Dr Pepper National Sales Meeting     (Gilley's Dallas)                              Private

Jun 10                        Starlight Ranch Amphitheater     (Amarillo, TX)                                        Info

Jun 16-17                   Private Event     (New Braunfels, TX)

July 8                         "CASH & DIAMOND" @ Keys Lounge     (Ft. Worth, TX)  

July 29                       "KING & CASH SHOW"     (Humble Civic Center)

Aug 23                       Private Party          (College Station, TX)

Sep  13                      White Pines Dinner Theatre     (Mt. Morris, IL)                                          Info 

Sep 14                       White Pines Dinner Theatre     (Mt. Morris, IL)                                          Info

Sep 15                       White Pines Dinner Theatre     (Mt. Morris, IL)                                          Info 

Oct 8                         Private Party     (Arlington, TX)

Oct 13                       "CASH & FRIENDS" @ Gladewater Opry     (Gladewater, TX)                    Info

Oct 20                       Butler Longhorn Museum     (League City, TX)                                           Info

Oct 25                       "HIGHWAYMEN LIVE" @ Dosey Doe     (Woodlands, TX)                            Info

Oct 27                       "HIGHWAYMEN LIVE" @ RockBox Theatre     (Fredericksburg, TX)           Info 

Oct 28                       "HIGHWAYMEN LIVE" @ RockBox Theatre     (Fredericksburg, TX)           Info

Nov 2                         Fat Daddy's     (Mansfield, TX)                                                                  Info

Nov 4                         Private Party     (Houston, TX)

Nov 13-15                  Santa's Wonderland     (College Station, TX) 

Nov 20-21                  Santa's Wonderland     (College Station, TX)

Nov 26-29                  Santa's Wonderland     (College Station, TX)

Dec 4-6                      Santa's Wonderland     (College Station, TX)

Dec 8                         "HIGHWAYMEN LIVE" (private appearance)     (Houston, TX)

Dec 11-13                  Santa's Wonderland     (College Station, TX)

Dec 15                       Private Corporate Event     (Fort Worth, TX)    



Jan 16                       "MEN IN BLACK"  @  Gilmer Civic Center     (Gilmer, TX)

Feb 12                       Private Party     (Ft. Worth, TX)                                

Feb 16                       City of Irving Private Event     (Irving, TX)

Feb 25                      Lagoons RV Resort     (Rockport, TX)                                                                

Feb 26                      Pioneer RV Resort     (Port Aransas, TX)                                                         

Apr 2                         Brauntex Theatre     (New Braunfels, TX)

May 7                        Ector Theatre     (Odessa, TX)                                                                     Info

May 13                     "HIGHWAYMEN LIVE" @ Rockbox Theater     (Fredericksburg, TX)            Info

May 14                     "HIGHWAYMEN LIVE" @ Rockbox Theater     (Fredericksburg, TX)

May 28                    "CASH & THE KING" @ Lee Lockwood Theater     (Waco, TX)                      Info

June 11                      Private Event     (New Braunfels, TX) 

June 18                    "CASH & THE KING" @ Plaza Theater     (Garland, TX)

June 24                    Mellow Mushroom     (Mansfield, TX)

June 25                    Shops at Highland Village     (Highland Village, TX)

July 9                       "KING & CASH SHOW"     (Lovelady, TX)                                                           Info

Aug 2                        Private Corporate Event     (San Antonio, TX)

Aug 5                        City of Rowlett Concert Series     (Rowlett, TX)

Sep 3                        Fort Worth Harley Davidson     (Ft. Worth, TX)

Sep 10                      Private Event     (Texarkana, AR)

Sep 17                       The Pines Theater   (Lufkin, TX)                                                                       Info

Sep 30                    "CASH & THE KING" @ Hippodrome Theatre     (Waco, TX)

                                    STAY TUNED FOR MORE DATES TO BE ADDED!